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Azienda Agricola Vivai Olivo Toffoli di Aldo Toffoli e C. S.r.l
Via Boscat di Corva 2
33082 - Azzano Decimo (Pordenone)
Settore: Agricoltura Tel. 043467105

Informazioni su Vivai Olivo Toffoli: Garden, gardening, landscaping

Professionisti del verde

Plant, nursery a Azzano Decimo (Pordenone), Italia

Founded in 1928 by Cav. Olivo Toffoli, ours has been a leading company in the

gardening field for more than 80 years. Its first steps were undertaken in the

production of rooted cuttings, which then developed into floriculture and poplargrowing.

The company, which has been managed since the 50s by Olivo’s son

Aldo, the present chairman of the company, has progressively widened its activity

to ornamental plants; then, in the early 60s, a further branch has been founded in

Pistoia. This town was chosen because experts in the field consider it the

European leader in the growing of conifers and all kinds of ornamental plants.