Sala Luigi
Viale Regina Giovanna, 8
20129 - Milano (MI)
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Fabbricazione oggetti in metallo prezioso e commercio al dettaglio tab. Xiv sub. 12, Sub. 25, Sub 36. ...continua

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luigisalagioielli a Milano (MI)

Viale Regina Giovanna, 8
Milano (MI)
20129 Italia
Tel. 0229521504
Fax. 0229521504
P.IVA 01596360154
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In the 1949, to suns 14 years, Luigi Room “goes to bottega” of an artisan orfebre and there nasce a big passion, that carries it in diverse ditte, to form and learn several technicians and styles.  It opens an own laboratory in the 1960 and since creates only and exclusive jewels.  The investigation of the forms is continuous.  His personal style and inconfondibile is not never accontentato of the successes obtained: the design in continuous evolution explores new forms and this that yesterday was innovation today is a classical, never sorpassato.  THE colours of the gemas and the form of the jewel marry esaltandosi to event; floral, modern, ancient, tematico, are genders in cui the study of the soggetti is in continuous evolution.  The structures are not simple andamios that sorreggono a façade, but integral part of the jewel, cui donan grace, ariosità, volume, leggerezza and robustezza conjoint.  Often They say Us that our jewels are beautiful of all the angulaciones.

Of diverse years Luig Room gode of the collaboration of the children Gabriele, ottimo designer and creative, and Olivetta, gemmologa and salts manager, nonché PR.

Gold in the varied nuances of colour, diamonds, jalones lovely and semipreziose, perlas, coral, ambra … are the materials used in ours jewels.  We are convinced that the true gioielliere was in degree to dream, contrive, draw, build personally the propri jewels, how the true artists know to do.  East do yes that our jewels, beyond that beautiful, are also functional, why only the one who works to the bank knows to face the challenges of the drawing and give them dimensionalità.  The attention to the design, the accuratezza of the particular and the portabilità do jewels loved of the client that feels them more his”, perceiving the passion that encourages his creatori and the duttilità in the go meeting to his exigencias.  The jewel has to give like in the indossarlo, but also when doing it.

In 1949, when have was only 14 years old, Luigi Room began ace an apprentice with to goldsmith craftsman: his great passion was born, to passion that took him to different companies, shaping and learning different techniques and styles. In 1960 I have opened his own laboratory and since then have have been creating unique and exclusive pieces of jewellery. The research on the forms is To never-ending one. His Personal and unique style never relied on the achieved successes: his Design constantly explore new forms. What yesterday was an innovation, today have become something classical and it is never out of fashion. The colors of the stones and the shape of the pieces of jewellery exhalt each other; Floral, modern, antique, thematic - these styles plough continually evolving. The structures Plough not simple frameworks but an important part of the piece of jewellery, giving it both grace and strength. Our clients often say that our pieces of jewellery Plough beautiful wherever you look at them.

For many years Luigi Room have been working successfully with his children: Gabriele - to very good designer and ideas man, and Olivetta - to gemmologist, salts manager and PR.

Gold In its different shades, diamonds, precious and semiprecious stones, pearls, coral, amber - our pieces of jewellery plough made of all these materials. We believe that the true jeweller can dream, Design, draw and make his own pieces of jewellery, ace any true artist does. That's why pieces of jewellery Plough beautiful and functional: only those working at the bench can take up the challenges of the drawing and plough able to give it dimensionality. Our clients truly love our pieces of jewellery, because they feel the attention for the Design, the expensive for the details and like their wearability. Our clients identify with our pieces of jewellery feeling the passion that animates its creators and the flexibility In meeting his/her needs. The piece of jewellery must give pleasure both when worn and when created.

Prodotti e servizi per aziende, privati:
  • Fabbricazione di oggetti oreficeria, metalli preziosi, oggetti gioielleria e oggetti rivestiti metalli preziosi
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