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Give a dream to those who have put in a drawer. A tour of a holiday throughout Italy to discover a living. Pamper yourself, pamper yourself at every moment and caress it can be unique and unforgettable. Reservations for you welcome was warm as a good glas ...continua

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Tour - Calabria

Sailing boat cruise in the South Tyrrhenian
For those who like to sail and taste the specialties from the sea
An exclusive cruise in the South Tyrrhenian 

Barca a vela

7 nights/8days on a sailing boat

DEPARTURES: REGGIO C./SAPRI  07/14 JULY 2012        
                      SAPRI/REGGIO C.  4/21  JULY 2012

REGGIO CALABRIA/SAPRI – from Calabria to Campania

barca a vela


Day 1, Saturday, Reggio/Reggio. Arrival at and departure from Reggio Calabria. At 6 p.m., check-in,  welcome cocktail, meeting with the skipper and program briefing. In the evening, disembark and dinner at the restaurant 3Farfalli. A short walk along the waterfront, considered “the most beautiful kilometre of Italy”,  and the heart of Reggio Calabria’s nightlife before returning on board. Overnight stay.  



I bronzi di riace




scilla costaviola
Day 2, Sunday, Reggio/Scilla/Bagnara. After breakfast, disembark and a guided tour of the Archaeological Museum, which displays the famousRiace Bronzes  and short visit of the historical centre to admire the Baroque Cathedral. Return on board for a light lunch, while sailing towards the Strait of Messina, passing by the fortress of Scillla, of Homeric memory, and the Southern part of the Viola Coast, towards Bagnara, where we should arrive at about 6 p.m. Weather permitting, you will be able to fish from the pier or the rocks, relax  and watch the sunset over Stromboli; we can also see the fishing boats returning with their daily catch. At 8 p.m., disembark and dinner at the Greek/Mediterranean restaurant Taverna di Kerkira. Return on board and overnight stay.


Day 3, Monday, Bagnara/Capo Vaticano/ Vibo Marina. 

Promontorio Capo VaticanoBarca vista dall'alto

After breakfast, we will sail again along the

 remaining stretch of the Viola Coast, up to Palmi. Weather permitting, we will be able to swim. Later we will sail towards Cape Vatican, where we will stop for another swim and have lunch on board the yacht. The chef of the Gabbiano Resort will cook a delicious meal for us. In the early afternoon, we will continue our route,  rounding Tropea, reaching the Port of Vibo Marina round about 6 p.m.  A stop near Tropea is programmed for those who wish to swim or fish. In the evening, dinner on board or at a restaurant near the port. Return on board, overnight stay.   

Cantine StattiDay 4, Tuesday, Vibo Marina/Statti/Cetraro. After breakfast, transfer to the Port of Vibo Marina, where we will visit the Statti Cellar, one of the most famous wine makers in Calabria, local specialty and wine tasting is included. Return on board in the early afternoon.  Our trip continues towards Cetraro, expected arrival round about 9 p.m., after having rounded Amanteathe Reefs of Isca (a protected marine reserve) and Paola. We will sail continuously for at least 7 hours and during this time the participants  will be able to skipper the boat, or fish, sunbathe and admire the sunset over Stromboli. Upon our arrival, at the quayside  we will find a welcome drink, organized by Maurizio, the chef of the Gambero Rosso, who, shortly after, will take us to his restaurant near the port and will cook the mythical  “frittura di paranza (mixed fried fish). Return on board, overnight stay.


altomonteDay 5Wednesday.Cetraro/Altomonte/Civita/ Cetraro.After breakfast, excursion to Altomonte, an old Medieval village (situated on the slopes of the Pollino National Park,where the “Pino Loricato” – a rare indigenous  pine tree – considered a living fossil , grows).  After the visit, we will continue towards Civita and here we will stop for lunch at the restaurant Kamastra, where we will be able to taste the specialties of the Arbresch cuisine. Later there will be a visit to the famous Devil’s Bridge (optional), then transfer to Frascineto for a guided tour of the Byzantine Icon Museum, which displays about 600 Arbresch works. Return to Cetraro. Dinner on board or  feel free to eat out. Overnight stay.

l’isolotto di Cirella isola di dino
Day 6, Thursday, Cetraro/Arcomagno/IsolaDino/Maratea/ Sapri. After breakfast, we will sail towards our final destination, Sapri. We will round Diamante and the Island of Cirella , with two stops at the Arco Magno and  the Island of Dino, one of the most beautiful corners of Calabria. You can take a guided tour of the Island if you wish, that will end round about lunchtime,. Return on board for a seafood based meal served by the restaurant Furano.  We will then sail towards the Gulf of Policastro, passing by the cliffs of the Cilento National Park and the famous Christ of Maratea. Expected arrival at Sapri (Campania) riund about 5 p.m. Dinner is booked at Taverna Portosalvo, a typical restaurant that overlooks the sea, near the port (transfer by taxi not included),  where Gerardo Menzawill serve his specialties while reciting a poem. After dinner, return on board and overnight stay.

Cilento Punta LicosaDay 7, Friday. Sapri/Baia Infreschi/ Capo Palinuro/Sapri. After breakfast, we will sail in the Gulf of Policastro, a well guarded secret of the Mediterranean. The stretch of coast between  Scario and  Marina di Camerota (Campania), about seven nautical miles long, is characterized by a succession of coves and bays, towers, caves and crystal clear waters of rare beauty. We will stop at the Infreschi Bay, a popular destination for all sea lovers, where you will be able to swim in crystal clear waters. A fish based meal will be served at a restaurant near the port.  Later you can walk to the wonderful Bay of Pozzallo. At 4 p.m., return to Sapri, expected arrival at  about 5,30 p.m. Farewell dinner on board, for those who wish, relax on the waterfront of Sapri. 

Day 8, Saturday. After breakfast, check-out before 10,30 a.m. End of services.



The price includes:

accomodation in double cabin, 
the routes indicated,
guided tours,
where required (Reggio, Cantine Statti, Altomonte), 
transfers as described  in the program,
health and luggage insurance,
an on-board course on how to skipper.

Deposit to be paid on board, 250€ pax, refundable at the end of the trip.

Notes of general interest: 


cena incambusaThe boat is a  DOFUOR 445 Grand Large 14m long, with 4 double cabins, plus crew quarters, 2/3 bathrooms, fully equipped for ocean sailing.

This type of boat is well suited to  those who want to spend an adventurous holiday experiencing the real life of a sailor. These boats have different characteristics according to the number of sails. The comfort inside obviously cannot be compared to that of a luxury yacht, but it is in any case appreciable.
How to get to Reggio Calabria: RC is Linked via rail and air transport.
interno della barca a velaDeparture from Sapri. National railway links with Naples, Lamezia Terme Centrale and Reggio Calabria.


•REGGIO  BAGNARA  7,2  +  10,3 = 18 miles, about 3,5  hours
•BAGNARA/VIBO MARINA stop at CAPO VATICANO  19 + 7 (TROPEA)+ 13(VIBO) =39 miles about 5,5 hours
•VIBO CETRARO 48,5 miles,  about 7 hours
•CETRARO/SAPRI stop  ISLE OF DINO, 25 (DINO) + 14 SAPRI =39 miles, about 5,5 hours
•SAPRI  BAIA INFRESCHI CAPO PALINURO  12 (BAIA INFRESCHI)+ 7 (CAPO PALINURO)= 19 miles + 19 miles  return, total duration 5 hours

Useful reminder when packing: 
• A pair of flat non marking rubber soled shoes to use only on board 
• A pair of shoes to use when you leave the boat 
• 3/4 t-shirts 
• 2/3 bermuda shorts 
• 1 pair of long trousers 
• 1 warm sweatshirt 
• 1 sweater 
• 1 oilskins (to use in case of bad weather) 
• 2 bathing suits 
• 2/3 changes of underwear
• Set for personal hygiene and towels 
• Soap to wash soiled clothing  
• Marine biodegradable liquid soap (you can find it in nautical shops; it pollutes less and saves water) 
• Beach towel 
• High protection sunscreen (do not bring oil) 
• Hat for sun and cold 
• Sunglasses

Prodotti e servizi
  • Servizi di agenzie di viaggio
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