Via Cesare Balbo 11/13
60044 - Fabriano (Ancona)
Settore: Marketing Tel. +39.0732.628593

Studio grafico di progettazione pubblicitaria /deplian, calendari, biglietti da visita, carta intestata, volantini pubblicitar ...continua

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CONTATTO SNC a Fabriano (Ancona)

Via Cesare Balbo 11/13
Fabriano (AN)
60044 Italia
Tel. +39.0732.628593
P.IVA 02404200426
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Contact is an agency that occupy of the Sector of the communication visiva, curing with serietà and professionalità all his characteristics.
THE products that develop Plough the means that allow to the n/s client to take part to the “gare” commercial, no of viewer but of leading, that svolgono daily In all the sectors.
This Eat done with the maximum Cures, with an always opened eye to the new technologies and with the aim to achieve the aim prefissato of the client.
Contact operates and Have operated with companies of each sector of the fashion to the industry, of the public administration to the Private, ecc.




Contact offers You the possibility to present you In diverse way, new, cool, elegant, dynamic and sopratutto adapts to your target: can “dress” your company with to dress of class, new and only in the gender using fantasy and creativity; and this no vuol say for strength invest chissà which resources. The main resource put it we: the passion, the love and the Cures with which gestiamo your brand.

We for first us appassioniamo and us innamoriamo of your products and services, feel them also To bit ours, arrive to wish to achieve all the same traguardi that You was want to achieve and... ojalá Inhale together with you of poterne achieve of the new. Our aim is that to do you be the true leading and No the viewers of the gare commercial that svolgono daily.

Contact wants to Created forms espressive new, like resource for the companies that have to develop the own strategies of marketings and translate them in projects pubblicitari vincenti.

Between the main aims of Contact Us is that to give to form qualitativa to the fomento stimolando like this the markets to destined elected to affirm durature in the time.

Group, vincenti.





We developed your Contrive ace if they were ours..
If The work svolto does You beat the heart, You emoziona and does You think In big... Then we Will be attained In ours attempt!
We Will be able to work conjoint and begin the run to achieve each tragurado. Group.

Chiamaci Now, oppure When it wants, also to “any hour”!
( sà, the fantasy and the creativity do not have time!)


Prodotti e servizi
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